Bio Silicium —
the power of nature!

Natural product for the rapid growth of plants harmless to human health and the environment.
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Bio Silicium is a unique product based on biologically active silicon in its free form without any compounds.
Physiological protection
Accelerating the growth and development of the root system
Thermal protection
Reduction of the effect of extremely high and low temperatures
Chemical protection
Absorbtion of toxic substances
Biochemical protection
Increase of biochemical resistance to stress

Test Bio Silicium yourself!

And discover its amazing possibilities, as many farmers, gardeners and agriculture industry businessmen from Japan, India, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the USA, China, South Korea, Australia and Egypt have already done.

Our mission is to make healthy, tasty and ecologically clean products the norm of our life.

Product properties

Protects from frost, temperature extremes, insect attacks, diseases and chemical damage
Increases biochemical resistance to stress
Accelerates the development of the root system and makes it strong
Boosts the process of fruit formation
Effectively supports plants grown in dry, lean or exhausted soils
Eliminates harmful effects of the environment, releasing plant energy for natural growth


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