Created on the base of biologically active silicon, it is intended for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and seedlings and plant nutrition

How to use Bio Silicium?

Russian product "BIO-SILICIUM" created on the base of biologically active silicon is intended:
To increase cropping capacity, improve the quality of outer look of products of flower-decorative cultures
To create favorable conditions and potential for further successful growth when used as pre-sowing treatment of seeds and seedlings
To increase plant resistance to adverse growing conditions.
To feed plants by spraying or watering in order to accelerate their growth, make them stronger and increase fruitfulness

Fertilizer elements

Mass content of active elements no less than:

Preparation of the solution

Calculate the concentration considering rates of application given in the instructions below;
Stir the required amount of the product in water at the rate of 1:10 000;
It must be used within a day starting from the moment of the end of preparation.

Pre-sowing seed treatment

BIO-SILICIUM is neutral to other water-soluble preparations.

It is recommended to use the product together with the existing technology of chemical or fertilizer treatment of seeds and seedlings during their disinfection and dressing.

Plant nutrition

Feeding is carried out by spraying and / or watering the plants with aqueous solution of the product. It is recommended to spray plants in the morning or evening time in calm weather.

"BIO-SILICIUM" is most effective when leaves are wetted evenly and spraying is combined with watering.

Safety measures

Avoid the fertilizer contact with skin or clothing.
It is advisable to use personal protective means.
Avoid accidental spillage of the fertilizer.
Already spilled fertilizer must be collected with the help of sand, sawdust or peat and be used for composting.
Wash hands with soap thoroughly after working with the fertilizer.
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