A distinctive feature of our fertilizers is their efficiency.

About the company

Since 2015 our company LLC AT CHROME TREADING has been implementing an important mission: we work to preserve the health of people and nature.

We are convinced that in the age of synthetics, plastic and chemistry there is nothing more important than caring for the ecological cleanness, usefulness and safety of the products we consume. Wide use of chemical fertilizers has almost destroyed the very concept of organic food. And our mission is to bring it back to life!

That’s why we are actively working to promote Bio Silicium and make it popular. We have created a truly unique product that we are proud of and which is able to solve the problem of the quality and health usefulness of the crops not only within the frames of individual farms but also whole countries!

Bio Silicium is beginning its victorious spread: its effectiveness has already been appreciated by more than 1000 consumers in different countries. We are already observing an amazing effect when more and more people engaged in gardening, agriculture industry, food industry, cattle breeding and plant growing around the world are refusing chemicals and are giving their preferences to safe and effective silicon alternatives. And Bio Silicium is one of the best products of a new generation of fertilizers, turning the process of growing environmentally clean crops not only into a popular trend but also into a profitable business.

We strive to make health the main business trend. Because there is nothing better than making money by doing good to others. And all this is possible with Bio Silicium!

And all this is possible with Bio Silicium! Join us in our successful green business! Become a part of a new page in the history of crop farming!

We are always open for your participation, cooperation, ideas and suggestions!

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